38 dizzying days of Obamanomics.  It’s difficult to keep up with this socialist lion.  Now we have a $3.6 trillion budget proposal with the number of earmarks slashed drastically to 9,000.  9,000 earmarks! This from a man who assured us that there would be “no” earmarks in his budget.

In other developments, the federal government grabbed more equity in Citibank and now owns about 36% of it but effectively controls up to 70%.  But the Obama administration adamantly denies that it is “nationalizing” any bank. That is obviously claptrap.  Of course it’s nationalization.  The federal government has nationalized Citibank, period.  By any definition, this is socialism.

The Democrats in Congress have always claimed to be “moderate” and “mainstream,” while painting those nasty conservatives as radical, hate-mongering, school-lunch-stealing neanderthals.  But the full glory of their true hard-core leftist nature is being revealed now.  Joe Lieberman and a few straggling cohorts notwithstanding, they never have and do not now intend to be moderate or mainstream in any way.   They have no intention of listening to the vast majority in mainstream America.  Every single stop is being pulled out, and our country has been set more firmly on the course of socialism in the blink of a political eye.