Most people probably don’t know that Dennis “Alien Abduction” Kucinich introduced a bill in 2005 to establish a federal Department of Peace and Nonviolence.  Despite the fact that the name sounds like a Monty Python skit, which at least affords a bit of humor, there would be little reason to care two hoots were it not for the fact that the bill has be reintroduced and the current political scene may give it the lift it needs to pass.  Read the bill for yourself.

According to the bill’s preamble, the new department would “be dedicated to peacemaking and the study of conditions that are conducive to both domestic and international peace.”  Doesn’t that sound pretty?  Like a soft, furry kitten.  Who doesn’t like kittens?

Take a gander at a few of the offices (read the text for the plethora of associated powers, duties, and authorities) this bill would establish:

The Office of Peace Education and Training
The Office of Domestic Peace
The Office of International Peace
The Office of Arms Control and Disarmament

…and my personal favorite:

The Office of Peaceful Coexistence and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

The bill reads like a 10,000-word answer to a Miss America pageant question, and it doesn’t take more than a cursory examination to reveal that it is yet another attempt to grow the size and scope of government, to thrust its tentacles into yet more corners of our free society.  This bill would not make society better; it would make it measurably worse for all of us, peaceful citizens or no.  Mr. Kucinich, sir, please see if the aliens will take you.  It’s probably much more peaceful on their planet.