It is well established now that Mr. Obama has a rather low tolerance for dissent.  The latest evidence is the new e-mail account at the White House, to which you are encouraged to submit information about opinions which differ from his own, particularly those which are disruptive or impair his ability to pass the health care bill.

Below is an e-mail I sent this evening to

Dear Mr. President:

First, let me thank you for setting up this invaluable e-mail account to allow your supporters to report those who speak against your important health care legislation.  I certainly am glad that you acted quickly and appropriately to derail the shameful protests that are occurring at town hall meetings across America.  I agree wholeheartedly with you that these types of activities simply cannot be allowed to distract Congress from working tirelessly to impose on the United States the long-sought goal of governmental health insurance.  We simply cannot have people, in the broad light of day, speaking an opinion which contrasts with your own.  Such hubris is intolerable.  Some might say that the First Amendment protects their right to do so, but no right-thinking American would allow an anachronism like the Constitution to impede such vital matters as enacting government-run health insurance.  This is simply a case where liberty must be sacrificed for the common good, and I have full confidence that you can define what is best for all of us.

I, for one, have witnessed first-hand several blatant disagreements with you from people who think the health care bill should not be passed.  I encourage you to redouble your efforts to extinguish such inappropriate thought.  You are no doubt aware of the many techniques that have been used with success throughout history.  The Chinese government in 1989 valiantly quelled the rabble who stubbornly clung to the ridiculous and outdated belief that liberty and free markets were better than government planning.  Iraq under Saddam Hussein would also be worth studying as a recent example.  Germany in the 1930s is perhaps the most perfect model (Mr. Hitler’s techniques may have been a bit immoderate, but I’m sure that as one who came of age in Chicago, you can find a way to adapt them to suit the tastes of American liberalism).

Things may seem bleak now, Mr. President, but just remember you still have millions of supporters like me who think exactly like you in every way.  Exactly like you.  Please don’t send anyone to my house.

Best regards,

Charles G. Brockway, Ph.D.
Twin Falls, Idaho