The natural course of events is for government to gain ground and liberty to yield, so said Thomas Jefferson. The slightest reflection upon history bears this out conclusively, but why is it a truism and not merely a philosophical opinion? Because, simply,  some men yearn to rule other men. This is a sin of humanity that most people learn to identify and control. But some men do not, allowing it to fester and grow and eventually take full reign within their members to the point where it must be gratified at all cost. This is the seed of tyranny. Thomas Jefferson and the other founders knew this, but the man who knew it best, and perhaps feared it most, was the father of our Constitution, James Madison. Why is the Constitution primarily a document that constrains government, not, as Barack Obama bemoaned, a document that describes the various constraints government can place on men? Because Madison knew that the greatest threat to liberty would come not from the passions of the populace, but from the passions of men in government.

Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Kim Jong-Il, and Saddam Hussein all lusted for absolute control over other men.  Precisely the same ugly, festering lust resides within Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the statists in the Democratic party.  Most shockingly, and most sickeningly, it resides deep within the President of the United States. It has – there is no other conclusion after observing the single-mindedness of the past month – totally consumed him. Last night we saw the passions Madison feared given full vent. And the statists celebrated! They celebrated the fact that they finally will be able to confiscate, regulate, and manipulate on a truly mammoth scale the businesses they hate and the private lives of those they pretend to care for.

I dare say that, as of 2010, the Constitution has failed to protect its citizens. Madison even in his brilliant paranoia could not have envisioned the likes of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi rising to power in our republic. Madison did not fully appreciate the worst-case scenario that, one day, the Constitution would be held in such contempt by a majority of elected representatives.