Use of the power of government to confiscate the wealth of one person and convey it to another is completely and categorically illegitimate and immoral.  It is a tyrannical abuse of power that spits in the face of the most basic principles of liberty on which this country was founded and built.  In all its ugly incarnations, from welfare transfer payments to unfunded social security payments, from “tax credits” for those who pay no taxes to “luxury taxes” and the death tax, it must cease. Now, with the passage of the health care monstrosity and the plethora of new taxes it entails, we will see the most massive confiscation and transfer of wealth in history.

On this question I subscribe to Barry Goldwater’s maxim:  “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”  Call me extreme.  I believe it must be so written into the Supreme Law of the Land that forcible wealth transfer is consigned to the ash-heap of history, never again to be open for debate.  The likes of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi must never be allowed to indulge their statist desires, no matter how powerful.