I have also written in these pages that recent electoral and legislative successes have emboldened the true-blue leftists in Congress to splay open their worldview, unconcealed by the vaguely centrist rhetoric that until now they have been obliged to employ.

The latest example is Senator Max Baucus:

This is also an income shift.  It’s a shift; it’s a leveling, to help lower income, middle income Americans.  Too often, of late, the last couple three years, the maldistribution of income in America has gone up way too much.  The wealthy are getting way, way, too wealthy and the middle income class is left behind.  Wages have not kept up with the increase in income of the highest-income Americans.  This legislation will have the effect of addressing that maldistribution of income in America, because health care is now a right for all Americans and because health care is now affordable for all Americans.