I am fed up with General Motors for the obvious reasons any freedom-loving American should be, but the latest irritant is Ed Whitacre touting proudly that he has “paid off the government loans,” as if this is a wonderful turning point for the company which – does anyone still notice – is owned by the government.  So I wrote to Mr. Whitacre.  I’m sure my letter got filed under “B” for “Bumpkins Who Don’t Understand How Good the Government Bailout Was for the Country.”

April 22, 2010

Mr. Ed Whitacre, CEO
General Motors Corporation
P.O. Box 33170
Detroit, MI 48232-5170

Re:  $8 billion loan payoff

Dear Mr. Whitacre:

Over the past few days I have listened to your radio spots and read your newspaper ads touting GM’s early payoff of the $8 billion loan from the federal government.  I can’t imagine who cares that you disposed of an $8 billion loan when the federal government continues to own 60% of General Motors.  Companies get owned by the government in Russia and other basket-case third-world nations, and in the various over-leisured states like France.  Not doing this sort of thing is supposed to be the mark of our shining city on a hill amidst the worldwide debris of socialism.  Will you please stand up for what is left of free market capitalism in this country?  If the pangs of liberty motivate you in the slightest, stop running the asinine ads and devote that money and every spare dime to booting the government out the door of your company.


Charles G. Brockway, Ph.D., P.E.