The Author
Charles G. Brockway, Ph.D.

Welcome to Serfdom.  I am the author of these commentaries and proudly responsible for their content.  The views expressed herein are rooted in the timeless principles of human liberty, which are endowed to all mankind by the Creator of all life.  Most people today, it seems, out of ignorance or wilfull self-deceit, fail to appreciate the historical truth that unbridled government leads inevitably to destruction of basic liberties.  As I hold these principles dear, and as they are now under attack in this country more profoundly than ever before, I feel compelled to contribute however I can to their defense.   If you are interested, read why I don’t allow comments on this site.

The title is derived from Hayek’s classic defence, The Road to Serfdom.  Hayek brilliantly demonstrates how socialistic governmental schemes, though extremely tempting, ultimately lead to the degradation of man and the destruction of economic prosperity.

In real life, Dr. Brockway  is partner in a civil and environmental engineering firm in Twin Falls, Idaho.  He may be reached at