Time now for the Lie of the Week.  Chuck Schumer, dejected democrat from New York, after the Senate voted down the House bill to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire on incomes above $250,000, said this:

It’s not that we want to punish wealthy people. We want to praise them. But they’re doing fine, and they’re not going to spend the money and stimulate the economy

Chuck Schumer thinks it’s his job to peer out upon the plebians and ascertain who is “doing fine” and who is not.  And if you’re “doing fine” according to Chuck, well then, he’ll simply nail you to the wall.  In less politically-correct times we would call the man out on his desire to exercise such raw power.   Here’s something:  I think Chuck Schumer is doing just fine, so how about I just confiscate all his money?  If I did that, it would be called robbery, but when Congress does it, it’s called making those who have “won life’s lottery pay their fair share” or some other nonsense.

Chuck Shumer wants to praise wealthy people?  This is a man who has built an lucrative political career by stirring the vile brew of class envy.  If Chuck Schumer wants to praise wealthy people, he could start by not vilifying businessmen every chance he gets and by refusing to support any additional legislation to further tax, regulate, and manipulate the private sector of the United States.

And last, Chuck apparently ascribes to the “vault in the cellar” theory, a popular propaganda tool among leftists.  That is, wealthy people will just stuff any incremental increase in cash in a vault in the cellar and not spend it.  Therefore, it won’t help the economy to cut taxes and in fact we should confiscate even more.  This is economic lunacy.  A person may feel bitter toward those with large incomes, but they spend, save, and invest just like the rest of us, and in fact every point of tax rate reduction for the wealthy results in a much larger benefit to the economy simply because of its larger dollar amount.  This may be anathema to the left, but it’s just arithmetic.  So, Chuck, if you want to stick it to the “wealthy,” at least be honest about your ideological leftism and stop trying to make an economic argument.