Four cheers to John Tyner, 31-year old Oceanside, California man and reluctant hero to millions of us who believe the government has gone way over the line in the name of “safety.”  Mr. Tyner politely refused the full-body scan at the San Diego airport, then also objected to the alternative full-body pat down including groin check.  “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested” were his exact words.  The sweetest part?  He got it all on tape.  Mr. Tyner was firm but cordial throughout the encounter, and the TSA agents were businesslike, simply doing their job with the lobotomized drone we’ve all come to know and love.

Citizens of the United States of America:  if the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution does not protect you from having your testicles and breasts groped by a government official who has zero cause to believe you have criminal intent, then what in the name of Pete would it protect?  Police officers on routine traffic stops can’t even open the damn trunk to check for drugs unless they have “probable cause,” or a search warrant.  Suppose the traffic cop reached through the window and groped the female driver – just checking for contraband, you know.  He’d be sacked, and the ACLU would file the next day.

Steve Chapman at the Chicago Tribune summed up how we all feel (or should feel):

When it comes to protecting against terrorism, this is how things usually go: A danger presents itself; the federal government responds with new rules that erode privacy, treat innocent people as suspicious and blur the distinction between life in a free society and life in a correctional facility; and we all tamely accept the new intrusions, like sheep being shorn.

There’s a solid argument for flat-out abolishing the TSA.  Check out the Forbes article on the subject.