This commentary site is different than some, perhaps most, in that I do not allow posting of responses to any of my entries.  Why, you may ask, have I such a narrow-minded approach?  Here are the three reasons:

1.  This is my site, about my opinions.  There are thousands of outlets for you to express yourself.  It’s becoming impossible to read a simple news story without finding a “Tell Us What You Think!” link at the end.  I am dubious whether this is a positive trend for our society.

2.  My opinions may be controversial.  For example, I dare to say that there are things that government is not authorized by the Constitution to do.  This is a radical concept today.  This kind of thinking makes some people crazy, and frankly I don’t wish to sift through various shades of leftist inanities posted on my site.  I already get enough of that just reading the news.

3.  Unlike many liberals, I have an actual job by which I contribute something of value to those I serve and to the economy as a whole.  I am also a husband and father in one of those oppressive “traditional families,” about which I care very much.  As such, my time is severely limited and does not allow reading your comments, positive or negative.

So, if you have something nice to say or any helpful suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  Send me an e-mail at  If the opposite is true, don’t bother.

This policy may change, but I doubt it.